Magical Mystery Tour

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Stepping back to a different time and place…of hippies, flower children, protests and immense change, Dance Kaleidoscope takes you on a journey from the optimism of youth to the realism of adulthood. Set to the music of The Beatles with period costumes inspired by pop artist Peter Max.
(75 minutes, including 20 minute intermission; 15 dancers)

DK MMT Justin Sears Mariel Greenlee
Act One (Innocence) was done during one summer in Ashland, Oregon while Dance Kaleidoscope was in residence at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It opens with "Here Comes the Sun," a bright, luminous song, reminding us of our adolescence and the dreams and hopes we had when we were young. In fact, the first act is the story of our search for meaning, wonder, fun, friendship and love in the world. It is set in the world of the "hippies" and "flower people" who created a community that experienced the exhilaration and liberation of free love. 
In Act Two (Decadence), the awareness has definitely changed to one of jaded and corupted perception. We explore the worlds of altered states of consciousness, influences of the material world and disappointment in our expectations of love. The act culminates with the powerful song "Let It Be."

This performance is a tour de force. Watch the video below to see select excerpts. For more information or to book Magical Mystery Tour, contact Lynn Webster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 317-940-8459.