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Join Dance Kaleidoscope and local artists at a new unique event as we re-IMAGINE the future of Dance Kaleidoscope.

On March 7th, 5:00-10:00 PM, we'll create a speakeasy vibe with entertainment, music, games, cocktails and food trucks at the Storefront Theatre of Indianapolis. 

You'll get to become an artist for the night, using your creativity to reimagine artwork or you can simply observe artists in action.

We'll create an art gallery that features work of local artists that you can purchase. You'll have a hard time deciding what to take home. Whether you want to participate or simply be entertained, you'll enjoy nonstop entertainment and great company. 

Art | Entertainment | Games and Prizes

Make Art. 

Become an artist for the night when we challenge you to reimagine works of art.  You’ll be assigned a piece of artwork and be asked to reimagine it with provided art supplies. Whether you add details or start from scratch is completely up to you.  Part of the fun is not knowing what you’re going to be starting with – could be a landscape, could be a portrait, or a bowl of fruit… your task is to reimagine it into something different.


Buy Art.

Guests will get first dibs on purchasing art created, as well as other works from recognized Indianapolis artists. Some of the artwork for sale by noted Indiana artists include Jules Muck, Robin Toulouse, Megan Jefferson, Critt Hunter, Anindo Chatterjee, Lesley Bain Haflich, and Amy Ecenbarger, among others. As a bonus, many of the artists will be in attendance to discuss their works. 

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The following entertainers are scheduled to perform with more to come!!!

Ana Crusis - Drag Entertainer

Games and Prizes.

Prizes will be awarded throughout the night through raffles and games. All tickets come with a chance to win a prize!

Ways to Participate. 

General admission tickets allow you to gain access to the speakeasy.  

Artist admission tickets provide you with entry and a piece of existing artwork. All levels of artists are welcome from those picking up a paint brush for the first time to professional!  Leveraging provided art supplies,you’ll use your creativity to manipulate the artwork to create a re-imagined piece. Re-imagined art will be auctioned off and/or sold throughout the evening, along with other pieces from recognized Indianapolis artists who will also be in attendance. 

 Artists -  You can join as an individual, a team of 5 or get the premiere ticket to be partnered with a DK dancer.  

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