Women Sublime • Touring 2020-21

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Powerhouse women choreographers will create new dance for this show: Keisha Lalama and Cynthia Pratt. Both have worked with DK before and know the high caliber of talent among the DK dancers. 

Run time: 60 minutes (plus 20 minute intermission)
15 dancers

KieTaking Watch 2sha Lalama is working on a concept for a new piece she has given the working title Aftermath. “This particular piece hits home for me,” Lalama says. “As a strong female leader and role model for many, I take my gifts and responsibilities seriously. My goal is to reveal women’s realities after their experiences and to celebrate the positive change that can result from courageous action.”

Choreographer Cynthia Pratt says, “Women are stepping forward as prominent artistic creators and are taking on more leadership roles in the arts, including dance, so Women Sublime is an important concert for DK— its message is extremely relevant and timely.” Pratt began her creative process for this show by visiting museums in New York to look at paintings by prominent female artists for inspiration. She has also committed to using music by a female composer.

Caitlin Negron Queit WatchThe show will also feature a piece called State of Grace, choreographed by DK dancer Mariel Greenlee. Helping dancers develop skills and experience as choreographers has been part of David Hochoy’s mission for DK. Hochoy says, “In our ongoing commitment to producing artistic excellence in contemporary dance, we welcome the opportunity to showcase the dancers’ new creative directions.”  

For more information or to book Women Sublime, contact Lynn Webster at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 317-940-8459.