Artistic Director David Hochoy To Retire

“It’s humbling to be retiring at the end of the 50th Anniversary Season. We’ve been reflecting on the past but mostly we are all looking forward together to an exciting and sustainable future for Dance Kaleidoscope.”


After a thirty-two-year career at Dance Kaleidoscope, David Hochoy will retire from his position as the Artistic Director at the end of the 2022–2023 season. This planned retirement coincides with Dance Kaleidoscope’s 50th Anniversary Season.

The 2022–2023 Season

We are in the midst of a momentous occasion for Dance Kaleidoscope—our 50th Anniversary! Over its 50-year history, Dance Kaleidoscope has been recognized for exceptional contemporary dance, arts education, and for its outstanding contributions to Indiana’s arts and cultural communities. This historic year has been atime to reflect on a golden legacy of achievement, the tremendous growth the organization has achieved, and to celebrate all those who helped to facilitate it.

This important 50th Anniversary milestone is marked by a year-long series of performances and events that celebrate the past and embrace and envision the future.

The Company

Comprised of eleven professional dancers from across the United States, Dance Kaleidoscope performs four mainstage performances each season. DK also joins in multiple performances and engagements throughout the city in collaboration with other organizations such as the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. 

Dance Kaleidoscope is known for more than being a contemporary dance company, we’re known for our elevated technique. Thanks to our continually evolving dancers, audiences experience moving, transcendent performances of exceptional quality. The company is known for their world- class performances , and their movement is grounded in athleticism and technical expertise. is built on a legacy of high-quality dance with a future focused on vibrance, exuberance, and continual evolution.

The Repertory

Dance Kaleidoscope maintains a repertoire of outstanding dance by internationally recognized choreographers with the goal of broadening understanding and appreciation of contemporary dance. DK aims to attract diverse audiences while increasing access and exposure to dance through arts education and serving as a cultural ambassador for Indianapolis and Indiana.

The Company’s repertory includes David Hochoy’s works, choreography by Associate Artistic Director Stuart Lewis and company members, and commissions from contemporary choreographers. This diverse and powerful repertory provides immersive, emotional experiences for audiences.

David has created over seventy dances for Dance Kaleidoscope including Scheherazade, Carmina Burana, COLE!, The Planets, El Salòn Mexico, Magical Mystery Tour, Rite of Spring, and Les Noces. Recent works include Feeling Good to the music of Michael Bublé choreographed by David and Associate Artistic Director Stuart Lewis. He has also choreographed full-length production Star-Crossed Lovers, featuring David’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy to Tchaikovsky and Stuart Lewis’ Sweet Sorrow set to contemporary music.

Recent guest choreographers include Brock Clawson and Lalah Ayan.

Workshops, Educational Outreach & Community Engagement

Dance Kaleidoscope is a collective of performers who value place-making, community-building, and outreach. DK’s collaborations throughout the state connect powerful, human stories to evocative dance performances.

Dance Kaleidoscope offers opportunities for all ages to discover and experience contemporary dance through workshops and customized dance performances. In partnership with Arts for Learning, DK has exposed students to contemporary dance in schools throughout Indiana since 1992.

A full range of workshops and classes are offered including Graham Technique, ballet, contemporary, improvisation, and expression.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Contemporary dance is for everyone. We aim to provide opportunities to immerse audiences across our community in the stories portrayed by our performances. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. We are committed as an organization to upholding these values. They are central to our mission and the impact we make, both on and off the stage.

Our Mission

To create, produce, and maintain a repertoire of outstanding dance by internationally recognized choreographers.