DK Dates


November 5: First Friday, 6-8pm - 15-minute performances by DK Student Ensembles, DK Studios

November 14-28: 2021 Spirit & Place Festival performance - Virtual

November 21: Dance Intensive - Contemporary/Jazz/ImprovisationDK Studios

December 3: First Friday, 6-8pm - 15-minute preview performances from Star-Crossed Lovers, DK Studios


January 6-9: Star-Crossed Lovers, Indiana Repertory Theatre - Buy Tickets

March 3-6: Edge of Innovation, Indiana Repertory Theatre - Buy Tickets

April 30: Shall We Dance, Kaleidoscope of Dance GalaSave the Date

May 20-22: Music Moves, a collaboration with pianist Drew Petersen and the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Schrott Center for the Arts

May 27: Spring to Dance Festival 2022 St. Louis. MO