DK’s Advisory Council is comprised of former Board members and individuals who have been integral to the growth and success of the company.

Janet Allen
Libby Appel
Jeffrey B. Baker
Kay Baker
Robert Paul Chan
Virgil Chan, MD
Molly Chavers
Shannon Cochran
Meg Coyle
Carole Darst
Chris Douglas
Billie Dragoo
David Drashil
David Dreyfoos
Phyllis Feigenbaum
John Fischer
Bernadette Fletcher
Ron Gibson
Henry Goble
J. Kirby Goble
Burns Gutswiller
Joseph Hale, Jr.
Steve Hamilton
Lisa Hendrickson
Joann M. Ingulli-Fattic
Jeff Kinney
Margaret Krauss
Stephan Laurent
Heather McPherson
Clay Miller
Tina Mollis
Timothy J. Murphy, CAE
David Nijhawan
Deena Nystrom
Nancy Pitt
Sandy Reiberg
Miriam Resnick
Pete Ritz
Michele Rogers
Dennis Ryerson
Joan Schneider
Marc Sciscoe
Jennifer Shoup
Malcom Smith
SaraLyn Smith, JD
Liz Snyder
Cheryl H. Sparks
Don Steffy
Steven Stolen
Cheryl Strain
Michael Strapulos
Marianne W. Tobias
Jerry Unland
Mark A. Varnau
Thomas Wade, MD
Emily A. West
Norma L. Winkler
Wayne Zink

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