web 4In late 2019 Dance Kaleidoscope began a capital campaign to create a permanent artistic home. With the generous support of the community, in 2020, Dance Kaleidoscope opened the doors to its beautiful new studios located off Mass Avenue in the Circle City Industrial Complex.

The studios are not only home to the professional company, they are a place where all can discover and experience dance as a beginning or pre-professional student or audience member during studio performances or open rehearsals. 

Thank you! 


Kris Beckwith and David Moore
Allen Whitehall Clowes Foundation
Stan and Sandy Hurt
George and Cathy Korinek
M. Jackie Nytes and Patrick O’Brien in memory of Michael O’Brien

The Glick Fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation
Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s CreatINg Places
Marianne Tobias
Mark and Ann Varnau

Donald and Pamela Fogle in memory of Gerda Fogle
Mary Greist
Donald Knebel
David and Miriam Resnick
Anne Scheele

John Bamforth and Sue Mahony
Geovani Bonilla
David Hochoy
Becky Mohr and H. Eugene Hunt
Eloise Paul and Bill Lee
Patsy Solinger
Jan and Joe Virgin

Douglas Dilling
Harvey and Phyllis Feigenbaum
Linda and Joe Hale
Adele Lash
Heather McPherson and Malcolm Smith
Nicholas H. Noyes Jr. Memorial Foundation Inc.
Dorit Paul
Cheryl Sparks
Kathy Steinberg
Cheryl and Jim Strain
Jim Thorne and Jayne Moynahan Thorne

Katherine and Dan Appel
Don and Dolly Craft
Nancy Cooper Pitt
Georgeanna Tryban

James Anthony
Kim and Kirk Donahue
Andrew Fogle in memory of Gerda Fogle
James Kincannon and Charles Goad
Bobbi and John Samples

Rick Kissel
Thomas and Anne Greist
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Lois and Richard Surber
The Barbara and Karl Zimmer Charitable Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation

Janet Allen and Joel Grynheim
Trudy Banta
Jeff Berman
Aman and Susan Brar
Build Smart Construction
Karen Burch
Mark Chestnut
Susan and Roger Frick
Louise Henderson
Michelle Jarvis and Jeff Maess
Jennal and Kent Johnson
Amy Judge-Prein
Anne and Frederick Kelvin
Sherrie and John Knighton
Terry and Louise Lingner
Donald and Ruth Ann MacPherson
Alan and Susan Maul
Bill Moldenhauer
Carolyn Mosby
Michael and Robin Potter
Susan Rardin
Jessica Reckamp
Sandy and Robert Reiberg
Jennifer and Derek Reid
Peter and Verlyn Ritz
Ellen Sebahar
Lillian Smith
Curtis Spalding
Michael Strapulus
Susan Vinicor
Melissa Warriner
Margaret Watanabe
Joe and Barbara Weidenbener
Terence and Margaret Yen

Sue Arnold and Brett Cox
Baldwin Family Charitable Fund, a fund of the Indianapolis Foundation
Lea Davis
Sherry Faris
Matthew Feldman
Paul and Danielle Galley
Mariel Greenlee
Michele Hankins
Eric and Kathleen Hursh
Henry Morse, Jr.
Shirley M. Mueller Fund
James Osborn and Kate Taube-Osborn
Amy Perry
Cynthia Pratt
Gary Reiter
Greg Reynolds
Christie and Dan Robinson
Mark and Mary Ann Saggese
G. Pearson and Janie Smith
Deidre and Donald Thornton
Julia B. Walz
Carolyn Stobba-Wiley and Aaron Wiley

David Berry
Ethan Craig
Michele Darragh
Erica Eugster and Mac Greene
Suzanne Fleenor
Katie Kiernan
Richard and Melody Kissling
Rob and Sophie Louthain
Bradley Jacobs and Greg McMullin
Donald Mills
Tim and Susan Ottinger
Cameron Starnes
Joan Turpin-Crites
Lynn Webster
J. Michael Willoughby
Suzanne Wilson
Ron and Susan Young

Jennifer and Matthew Bailey
Kay Baker
Christopher Baugher
Ernest and Greg Disney-Britton
Jessica Cooper
Joseph Doll
Jamie Drewry
Jeremy Ecenbarger
Kate Erdel
Dan Evans
Laura Glover and Jeffrey Mountjoy
Julie Goodman
Mary Catharine
Grau Ellis and Patricia Guedel
Janie Halteman
Rosemarie Hansell
Paul Hansen and Kenyon Brown
Susan and John Hazer
Ira and Cherri Jaffee
Candace Maret
Jessica and Matt McTighe
Deana-Ro Mickels
F. Carl Miller
Cynthia Munerol
Judith Murphy
Darrow and Pamela Neves
John and Sandra Peters
Andrew Pike and Sharon Horvath
Linda Rees
Adrienne Reiswerg
Jen Roe
Roderick Scheele
Christopher Schroeder
Aaron Steinberg
Leslie Tarble
Royce Thrush
Vicki Townsend
Marcia Wahle and Kathleen Brown
Fay Williams
Melanie Wise

up to $99
Mark K. Bear
Mary Bell
Joseph and Louise Boling
Bill Bowden
Patrick and Joyce Burnette
Myra Selby and Bruce Curry
Shawn Delmolino
Emily Dyson
Annie Falvey
Gabriela Fisher
Nathan Formo
Emily Franks
Karen Gelb
Jill Godwin
Rainie Grant
Liberty Harris
Austin and Thyrsta Hartel
Richard Johns
Marcia Krieg
Marie Kuhns
Beverly Ann Lang
Connie Floyd Latas
Stuart Lewis
Colleen Lotz
Stephanie Luallin
Aleska Lukasiewicz
Cody Miley
Marie Jochim and Michael O’Keefe
Daniel and Rosemarie Orzechowski
Jenny Rainey
Laura Rice
Beva Rikkers
Delia Robertson
Paige Robinson
James Schrementi
Missy Thompson
Stefanie Tolliver
Manuel Valdes
Carol Vogt
Carol Webb
Meri Weber
Mike Wilson
Roberta Wong
Suzanne Young and Steven Benham
Susan Zellers
Abby Zito

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